Graham's exceptionally beautiful glassworks have won him an international following and a reputation to match. After teaching hot glass at Sunderland University for nine years Graham moved to Duns in 1999 to set up his own studio.

He has a very simple aim: 'I wish to make beautiful glass. Not 'chocolate-box' beauty per-se but the beauty you find in a work whose qualities draw you in and once you're there, keep you there'.

Graham believes in the harmony that exists between the maker and the medium and enjoys the evolution from concept to conclusion, a process that is an ongoing discussion between himself and the glass. His technique is constantly being adapted and has moved far from the traditional methods that were taught to him at Art College, with new approaches developed and old ones resurrected as required.

'The path this search for beautiful glass has led me on, although frustrating at times, has also been very exciting too. I do not know exactly where in the future it will lead my work but I believe as long as what I produce is idea led and follows the motivation outlined above, my work will be going in the right creative direction and I look forward to what new works lie ahead'.

Graham's work is in constant demand; recent events include an exhibition on UK contemporary glass at the glass museum Glazenhuis in Belgium and shows at the Castle Gallery, Inverness and the Roger Billcliffe Gallery in Glasgow. In 2012 one of Graham's Waveform sculptures was awarded the People's Prize at the UK Glass Biennale, having been voted for by the public as their favourite work on display. In recent years Graham has been given 1st prize and runner-up at Art in Action at Waterperry House in Oxford and his work has been exhibited as far afield as Estonia, Luxembourg, Chicago, Florida and the Czech Republic.